PTI to initiate disqualification process against 4 Sindh MPAs



Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Thursday announced to initiate disqualification process against four Sindh Assembly members who had voted in favour of PPP candidate in senate election against the party policy.

Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh and PTI parliamentary leader in the assembly Khurram Sherzaman, while talking to media persons here at Sindh Assembly building along with PTI MPAs, announced that PTI will expel the MPAs from the party and will also initiate legal proceedings for their disqualification under article 63-A of the constitution of Pakistan.

They argued that it was in the knowledge of Speaker Sindh Assembly that who had cast their votes and he was legally bound to take action as per constitutional provisions.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that though PTI and all the opposition parties has decided to boycott the polling for vacated seat of senate 4 MPAs not only violated the party decision but also voted against the nominated candidate of the party.

PPP once again disgraced democratic norms and indulged in horse trading, he alleged and remarked that the speaker should be ashamed of whatever took place in the august house.

Haleem Adil while commenting on affinity of some opposition parties said that all the thieves, robbers and thugs have gathered in Islamabad.  The Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the hearts of the people in Sindh Governor House yesterday, he said.

Loyalty of all the MNA’s of PTI is intact with PM Imram Khan and nobody is going against the party line while all the allies of PTI has also reassured their support to the PM, Haleem Adil Sheikh said.He said that the entire nation has already expressed confidence on Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Opposition’s attempts for horse trading will bear no fruit and horse trading culture will come to end while their no confidence motion will certainly fail, he said and added that PM has also hinted stringent action against the gang of robbers after failure of no trust move and Asif Zardari would be the first to be made accountable.

“That’s why legs of Bilawal Zardari started trembling who is protesting in Islamabad while keeping lights turned off so that people could not see their failed march,” Haleem Adil observed and added that people of Sindh are fade up of PPP regime.

Commenting on reports of Asif Zardari’s expected meeting with MQM-P leadership, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that MQM-P must ask what Zardari did with them including patronizing gang war and they will surely make Zardari answerable for neglecting their constituencies in development schemes and above all the pathetic situation of Karachi.

PTI Parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Khurram Sherzaman speaking at the occasion said that PTI has submitted a resolution in assembly secretariat for condemnation of disgraceful act of horse trading by PPP.

Four PTI MPA’s accepted bribe from Asif Zardari and traded their conscience in recent senate elections, he alleged adding that those members may be disqualified according to article 63 of constitution of Pakistan.

The PPP kept tradition of horse trading alive in senate elections and Rs 400 to 500 million were given to the each member who crossed floor, he alleged and termed it as a matter of embarrassment for the PPP and the Chief Minister Sindh who proudly announced that four PTI members voted in their favour.

Khuram Sherzaman also vowed to give tough time to three political parties who he accused of plundering the national Exchequer so that they could buy members in the election.Benazir Bhutto never did such sort of politics and the nation is watching what Bhutto’s descendants are doing, he said adding that end of Zardari and his accomplice will be so horrible that it would be remembered for generations.


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