PTI supporters hold protest demonstration

Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Like other parts of the country, the workers and local leaders of PTI including newly elected members of the local bodies took out big procession held at Jadoon Plaza and showed complete solidarity with their leader Imran Khan.

They were carrying banners and play cards and were chanting slogans against the ouster of their prime minister and the speakers including sitting MPA’s and local MNA, Ali Khan Jadoon, said that it is most unfortunate that all corrupt leaders who are united to save e their loot mar has played in the hands of enemies of the Pakistan which is an independent country and for the sake of their vested interest has sold the dignity of the country.

Leaders warned that Imran Khan will come again with thumbing majority and will take revenge from the corrupt rulers who hand only one aim and that is to plunder the national wealth. Protest rally was largely attended by peoples from different walk of life including females also.


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