PTI sticks to previous stand



THE parliamentary party meeting of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in Islamabad on Monday decided that the party would not return to the National Assembly come what may.

The meeting held under the chairmanship of Imran Khan rejected the option of returning to the assembly and said there was only one option to hold fresh elections.

No doubt, the decision is in line with the original strategy of the party, which instantly tendered resignations of its members of the National Assembly after a vote of no-confidence that brought down the PTI Government.

There were, however, expectations that the party could review its policy as it has regained power in Punjab, already has its government in KP, its Senators are performing their role in the upper house and the party is fielding candidates in all the by-elections for the National and Provincial assemblies.

It is often suggested by saner elements that PTI should return to the Assembly and play its role as an effective opposition besides contributing its share to the legislative business.

However, the latest decision of its parliamentary party shows PTI is in no mood to abandon its demand for early elections.

In a related development, its senior leader and former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry claimed that the Government would be overthrown by September 10, without explaining how this would happen.

There is no doubt the Government has a razor thin majority and defection of any ally could pose difficulties for continuation of its rule but it is understood that there was no political force in Parliament to replace the existing set-up as PTI is ruling out the possibility of returning to the National Assembly.

The political instability would, probably, continue for coming months and based on the existing posture of the political forces there is no guarantee that a stable Government would be formed irrespective of whether general election is held tomorrow or in August 2023.


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