PTI started nationwide protest against price-hike: Musarat


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has started a nationwide protest against inflation. Assembly members will lead protest rallies in their constituencies. People are protesting against the conspiracies in the shape of fake cases against the chairman of PTI.

The people will not let the conspiracy of fake cases against the leader of the largest party of the federation succeed. Those who trap the public in the storm of inflation will have to bear the consequences in the next elections. During the protest movement, pressure will be increased on the federal government to hold immediate general elections.

These views were expressed by Chief Minister and Punjab Government Spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema in her statement. She said that the conspiracies of the unconstitutional pave for the technocrat government are being exposed. People are well aware of those who show moral degradation by making fake audios and videos of their opponents.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have further decreased to $5.8 billion. Ishaq Dar and PDM parties have belched more than 10 billion dollars in just 8 months; she regretted and demanded that criminals should be held accountable for the conspiracy to bankrupt the country by emptying the treasury.

We demand to hold immediate elections and save the country. Decisions made in closed rooms regarding the future of Pakistan will have a strong reaction; she warned and made it clear that the people will never accept a technocratic government.

The imported government wants to evade elections and a technocratic government is formed. The occupation mafia is active to occupy Punjab but the people will show their full strength against the anti-national elements on the call of the chairman of PTI, she concluded.