PTI policies winning over people’s hearts: OPC


It is due to tremendous efforts and sacrifices laid by the Pakistan Army that we have been able to restore peace in the country and foreign investors are interested in investing in Pakistan more than ever hence, promoting tourism. I appeal on every forum to support the families of the martyrs of Pakistan Army as they have laid their lives to serve the motherland.
Overseas Pakistanis Commission Vice Chairperson Ch Waseem Akhtar expressed these views while meeting a foreign delegation in his office on Monday. The VC said Prime Minster Imran Khan was one of the most popular leaders of the Muslim world as well as globally and the way he was representing Pakistan on every international forum is commendable.
The PM has presented Kashmir’s case across the globe on international forums. The tales of corruption were in the past now as Pakistani nation was united against the menace of corruption under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan.
It was due to the transparent policies of the present government that foreign investors were willing to invest in Pakistan and 89,000 visa applications received during past 6 months was ample proof of it.
Moreover, US travel advisory acknowledged “improved security” situation in Pakistan. This has also helped in promoting soft image of Pakistan in the world. He also encouraged the delegates to invest without any fear in Pakistan as their money will be protected.