PTI nominee wins Chairman Tehsil seat

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

In the second phase of recent local body elections, PTI nominee Shahzada Aman-ur-Rehman won the seat of Chairman Tehsil Chitral with heavy mandate.

He got 25606 votes while his nearest rival Maulvi Abdul Rehman of JUI who is also former member of the Provincial Assembly came second with 13285 votes.

Prince Aman-ur-Rehman won with a heavy mandate with a lead of 12,321 votes. Hundreds of people from Garm Chashma came to Chitral and took him to Garm Chashma in procession.

The procession started from Shahi Qilla Chitral and all the way men and women from every village stood in the way and greeted them.

During this time, some very emotional scenes were also seen when the elderly people of the area hugged Prince Aman-ur-Rehman and wept and expressed their happiness on his success.


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