PTI leader claims Bhutto’s party will vanish from Sindh in coming elections


Staff Reporter

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the party of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has now become a rejected party and it would be politically vanished from Sindh also during the coming elections.
Addressing a joint press conference in the office of PTI Karachi President Khuram Sherzaman here Sunday, he said that when the project of the Malir Expressway was inaugurated the Malir leaders of the PPP were happy and today they decry that this project has affected them, said a statement.
He said we are not against progress and development but we will not allow that common man is harmed in anyway. He said as local people were abandoned in the name of Bahria Town, the people of Malir are also abandoned in the name of Expressway.
He said that the candidate of PTI for PS-88 is an educated man. On this constituency, we will not contest against any personality but only against the PPP, he added.
He said the people used to say that PML-N could not be driven out from Punjab, but people today see that in Punjab there is government of PTI.
He said during last 13 years, the PPP has damaged and harmed Sindh. These people even devoured the funds of pensioners, he said.
He said Bilawal Zardari would have to answer about the pension fraud, corruption in dog-bite vaccine and AIDS funds, corruption in Zakat funds and corruption in every sector. However, Khuram Sherzaman said that he congratulated Haleem Adil Sheikh for being nominated as the leader of opposition in Sindh assembly.
He said now it is high time that people of Sindh should open their eyes and recognize the faces of these corrupt people.
He said when these people are made accountable for their corruption they dub it as attack on Sindh. He said as the people of other provinces have rejected the PPP, the people of Sindh would also reject them in 2023.
He said Jansher Junejo is our candidate who is a young and courageous leader. He said the people of Malir should give him vote and he would change the fate of Malir. Khurram Sherzaman said success of Jansher would be the success of PTI in whole Sindh.