PTI leader blames Sindh govt for alarming suicide rate


Staff Reporter
While holding the Sindh provincial government responsible, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
(PTI) leader Hunaid Lakhani on Saturday said over 1500 people have committed suicide in Sindh in
recent years.The tendency to commit suicide has increased and reached to an alarming level, “I have
no doubt the Sindh rulers are responsible for it,” the PTI leader and chairman Pakistan Baitul Mal Sindh
said in a conversation. A report on suicide statistics in Sindh have set alarm bells ringing, as over 1,300
people committed suicide in the province during the last five years. Suicide cases have increased
alarmingly in the province but the provincial authorities seemed least bothered about it. According to
statistics, Umerkot, Tharparkar and Mirpurkhas districts of Sindh saw most number of suicide incidents
as 646 incidents were reported only in these three districts, while the highest number of victims were
youth and women.Sindh Government in the last year had sought report about suicide incidents of
women reported in Thar from the concerned authorities.Provincial minister Shehla Raza while taking
notice of the news related to women committing suicides in Thar, had ordered SSP Tharparkar to
submit detailed report into the incidents, being reported from the area. According to a World Health
Organisation (WHO) report, around one million people commit suicide around the world annually, it
means one person commits suicide in every 40 seconds.