PTI Haqiqi chief seeks party’s registration


The former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf youth wing leader, Yasir Rao, on Friday approached the Election Commission of Pakistan to register his party.

The chairman of PTI Haqiqi, Yasir Rao, in a presser outside ECP, stated that he arrive at Election Commission to register the PTI Haqiqi. He claimed that more than 3,000 young people want to join his party.Yasir Rao stated that we will start a campaign and appeal to pray for his success, while the registration process of party has been initiated.
Later on, Yasir Rao submitted an application to the ECP for the registration of the party under the name of PTI Haqiqi.

A day earlier, Yasir Rao announced the formation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Haqiqi with an aim to unite youth.

Addressing a press conference in Multan, Yasir Rao, announced the constitution of PTI Haqiqi and vowed to get the party registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan is passing through a critical time in its history and vowed to unite the youth of Pakistan and launch a movement for the incarcerated youth from PTI Haqiqi platform, especially who were arrested after May 9 violence, following Imran Khan’s arrest in Al-Qadir Trust case.

Yasir Rao, the former PTI youth wing leader, also strongly condemned the violent protests and criticised former prime minister Imran Khan for his policies.