PTI govt to resolve media workers’ problems: Shibli Promises good news for journalists before Eid


Staff Reporter


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz on Sunday said the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government would take all possible steps for resolving the financial problems being faced by media persons.
Addressing the participants of a media workers’ sit-in in front of the Parliament House, he said he would strongly advocate the cause of media industry at all relevant forums and play an proactive role in finding a durable solution to their genuine problems.
He lauded the “exemplary role” played by journalists during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and said that the government wants to give “good news” to the journalist community before Eid.
“You [journalists] stood with Imran Khan’s struggle. How can we [the government] talk against you? How can we take any action that might harm your interests?” Faraz questioned.
The information minister announced that he will meet with representatives from the journalists’ community day after Tuesday. “I will be meeting with representatives from the journalist community. And if you have fair demands, forget weeks, we will deal with them as soon as possible before Eid,” said Faraz, adding that the government wanted to give good news to journalists before Eid.
Discussing his personal background, Faraz said that he is currently in a situation that requires him to strike a balance between addressing the demands of journalists and presenting the point of view of the federal government.
“Most of you know that I belong to a family of journalists and authors. Look at my background. Can I ever go against your [journalists’] interests?” Faraz asked, adding that from the government’s point of view, journalists are playing a critical role in the “social culture” of the country.

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