PTI, govt allies senators come hard against each other

Ijaz Kakakhel

Members of the ruling coalition and PTI come hard against each other in Upper House of parliament proceeding on Friday and PTI wanted to bring a privilege motion against the government over wrong budget documents presented in the Senate while the ruling senators claimed that the PTI government totally failed to deliver during its tenure.

Soon after question hours, opposition leader Shehzad Waseem said that according to the law real documents of the federal budget should be presented in the Senate. However, he claimed that the coalition government could not present the real budget documents, which include government taxation measures.

In this regard he said that the PTI already submitted privilege motion and asked the Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani to move it to the privilege committee for further discussion. When there was interest of government in any bill like getting NRO through amendment in NAB law was passed immediately. He claimed that general public had shown their resentment over by-election in Punjab.

There was report that NA Speaker has accepted the resignation of 11 MNAs from national assembly but he recalled that all PTI legislators tendered their resignation over a one call of PTI chairman Imran Khan.

He also claimed that entire PTI legislators in NA already forwarded their resignation. About economy, the opposition leader said the government has removed ban over import of 33 luxuries items.

On one side the government said dollars are scarce while on other side they removing ban on luxuries items.

The opposition leader claimed that coalition partners run the government for their personal interest instead of serving them. He questioned over the performance of federal government. He demanded of the federal government to announce general election for the sake of country.

Responding to opposition leader, PPP Senator Sherry Rehman said that PTI during its tenure always presented mini-budget, how they bother to raise question on others. Instead of making privilege motion against federal government she said it should be make against the PTI for its poor performance.

Speaking on the occasion, Leader of the House and Federal Minister for Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar said respect this House. The country is confronting flood, Balochistan, Sindh and others parts of the country drowned and the opposition were going for political point scoring.

JI Senator Mushtaq demanded of the government rain/floods made havoc in the country and particularly Karachi and Balochistan badly affected.

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