PTI giving political color to legal action: Ghani



Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani has said PTI local leadership giving political color to action taken according to law.


Addressing a press conference along with Minister for Anti-Corruption and Industries Jam IkramullahDharejo, he said on the contrary, it is clear from their impression that the selected that sings the tune of honesty is in the forefront of these illegal activities.


He said thousands of acres of land in District Malir, which has been given on a 30-year lease, is being possessed on the orders of the Supreme Court. “Opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh is making noise on demolition of his farmhouse. According to our records, this land has not been allotted to him and his name is not mentioned in it.”


Ghani viewed thatas soon as the PDM’s long march begins, the federal advisers and incompetent ministers and spokespersons will run away.


He said the PTI is fearful of its own members of novoting in the Senate elections and that is why they want to use all illegal and unconstitutional tactics for open voting instead of secret ballot.


“We will not allow them to do so.” Ghani said that 30 years of land is leased for the purpose of poultry farm and agriculture and construction of farm houses, housing scheme or houses on it is illegal and the Board of Revenue has the power to take action against illegal work on these lands despite the expiry of the lease period.


Jam IkramullahDharejo said that Anti-Corruption had investigated 64 cases and reported to the Chief Secretary and on the instructions of the Chief Secretary, the Revenue Board has initiated action against them.


He said that these 64 cases were placed in the meeting of ACC One and after that action is being taken against them and in this government land worth billions of rupees will be handed over. Responding to a question from Haleem Adil Sheikh declaring the action illegal despite the stay order, Saeed Ghani said that if he has a stay order, he must approach the court.


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