PTI gave PPP NOC for oppression in province, says Kamal


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Wednesday said that PTI-led federal governmentto prolong its survival in the federation has given PPP a NOC to continue a system of oppression, hatred and bigotry in Sindh province.

Paksitan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) despite winning seats from Karachi, has sold out the city, the economic lifeline of the country to the Pakistan People’s Party, The weakest ever PTI federal government is functioning because of the support of PPP.

He said that PPP during its 15 year rule in urban Sindh has failed in not only providing an extra single drop of water but also has snatched the available water from the residents.

Karachi has been deprived of remaining right to government jobs and education through fake domiciles. Not a single bus has so for been introduced by the provincial government for Karachi.

PPP brutality has reached its peak in urban Sindh. The PPP government has immensely disturbed the business community of urban Sindh by imposing lockdowns to mint money through police and other departments under the guise of implementing Covid SOPs.

Businessmen are being abused in the name of lockdown. Government officials have extorting people. Shopkeepers are being picked up and locked up by police and then they are released with taking millions of rupee in extortions.

The provincial government through police and other departments is extorting millions of rupees daily under the garb of Covid lockdown implementation.


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