PTI determined to composite development, says Firdous


Govt will give a technical briefing to media on ‘Rawalpindi Ring Road Project’

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Wednesday said that the PTI government is determined for composite development of the province and in line with the vision of PM Imran Khan, equal distribution of resources will be ensured in the upcoming budget.

Talking to the media at DGPR office here on Wednesday, Dr Firdous said that huge loans were borrowed to initiate mega projects in the past and the Sharif family left Punjab in deep debt amounting to Rs1,200 billion.

The PTI government will complete
such incomplete projects because public money was spent on them.

She said that a technical briefing will be given to the media on Rawalpindi Ring Road Project.

The Special Assistant said that PM Imran Khan is the guarantor of public wealth and resources and saved billions of rupees in this project. The PM is determined to ensure transparency, she said.

She said that PML-N bondmaids and cronies are making
hue and cry over the Rawalpindi Ring Road project but they will soon come to know which party and family are involved in this scandal.

The directions given to the NAB and Anti Corruption will make everything crystal clear, she said.

Dr Firdous said that both factions of PML-N appear on the media screens to prove their loyalty to their respective masters.

She clarified that PTI has made no investment in bureaucracy by patronizing cronies and the past rulers are responsible for any
wrongdoing of the bureaucrats because they nourished such characters.

The government doesn’t have any personal enmity with anyone but struggling to ensure the rule of law and transparency in the country, she said.

The SACM said the budget doesn’t belong to any party but to 12 crore people of Pakistan and no member of the assembly will create a hurdle in this regard.

The PTI is the only government that brought out an exposed corruption in its tenure and it is
unique having no resemblance in the past.

She said that some MNAs and MPAs have shown some reservations but Jahangir Tareen has himself contradicted and made it clear that he will continue to be a part of the PTI.

Dr Firdous said that if anybody has any grievances then the doors of the CM office are open to him. She said that PTI is a unified family and freedom of expression is a strong culture being prevalent in the party.

The party issues should be resolved
within the party. Their reservations may be correct but the forum is improper, she said.

Responding to a question, Dr Firdous said the PTI, as well as the CM, doesn’t target anybody and the PTI has encouraged democratic behavior in its rank and file.

If anybody has some genuine reservations then it should be expressed and the respect
and dignity of every party member will be ensured, she said.

To another question, the SACM said that PM is neither blackmailed nor pressurized and PTI can never do any injustice to anybody but everybody will have to be answerable for one’s actions and deeds.


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