PTI criticism of army is ‘constructive’, claims Imran


‘Govt trying to turn institutions against PTI’

Tariq Saeed

Asking the nation to wait for his call to get the real independence from the corrupt rulers and reject the slavery, former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chief it was not him but the “Imported” rulers who were striving to create a situation to initiate a fight between the major political party and the institutions.

This country is ours, the Army is ours , the judiciary is ours , if the country is stronger , the institutions will also get stronger. We only resort to constructive criticism that is aimed at further strengthening the institutions. The PTI Supremo observed while addressing a big public rally in Peshawar the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where his party is ruling for the last more than nine years.

“In my speech on Sunday I had said that the selection of the Army Chief be made on merit; what is wrong in that. Imran questioned and added that how could a criminal undergoing corruption cases and looting the national wealth be allowed to make such an important appointment.

He said it was bad luck of the Pakistani nation that those who have been sucking the blood of the masses for last thirty years have been imposed upon us by a well-planned conspiracy adding how those could corrupt deliver and work for the welfare of the people.

Imran said the Media team of the PML headed by Maryam Safdar was left with only task to unleash negative propaganda against him and distort his statements and speeches to create rift between the PTI and the institutions. “By hook or crook create rift between the PTI and the Army. This is their main agenda”. He maintained.

“The three stooges who have been imposed with the help of United States are fully convinced they cannot defeat me in a fair contest that is why they are trying to implicate me in false cases in an attempt to disqualify”. PTI Chairman said adding “The three stooges are sure they are going to be inflicted upon in the elections that is why they are conspiring against me. So much so that they have leveled me terrorists in the court.

Imran said the Muslims and particularly Arabs impressed the world with their characters, their dealings adding we have to infuse this spirit among the nation. The day honest and sincere leadership takes reign of Pakistan , the country would start producing global leaders and the respect of the green passport would increase many folds. “This cannot be achieved as long as these three thieves, the stooges of foreign powers are sitting in the corridors of power. He said in apparent reference to Asif Zardari Shehbaz Sharif and Maulana Fazal of JUI.

He said he wanted to see his nation self –esteemed and respectable. “The imported PM who is a product of corruption and has no self-esteem after looting the country is now begging before the world. Had he been a an honorable Prime Minister , he would have brought back billions of Rs looted many , kept in foreign banks, to Pakistan before carrying the begging bowl”. What an irony, you take the billions of Rs looted many out of the country and asking the countrymen abroad to send money to Pakistan”. Imran said.

PTI Supremo said that the political rivals were afraid of being held accountable by him and facing jail in corruption cases. The PTI chief said that he wanted to see a strong judiciary in the country.

He said that the people of Peshawar have never disappointed him whenever he gave a call. “After our government was toppled, I had held the first public gathering in Peshawar.” Khan said that the nation is facing a difficult time after the devastating floods and it will come out of the testing time soon.


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