PTI chairman ready for ‘minus-Imran’ formula


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said Saturday that he was ready for a “minus-Imran” formula if it benefitted the country or saved it from destruction.

“Minus Imran, but tell [me] how this will benefit the country,” he said in an address to supporters.

He claimed that the countrywide riots that erupted following his arrest on May 9, in which supporters attacked military installations including the Lahore Corps Commander House and General Headquarters entrance, were “orchestrated under a well-thought-out conspiracy” to destroy the PTI.

Khan claimed that the ruling coalition knew it could not win the general elections, which was why it “conspired” against the former ruling party.

Speaking about the days-long violence, the former prime minister questioned why the Radio Pakistan office in Peshawar was burnt down when the PTI’s protest was being held in a different area.

“Who was the person who incited people to vandalise the Lahore Corps Commander House? He disappeared afterwards,” he added.

Khan alleged that the Pakistan Democratic Movement-led government wanted to hold the general elections only after PTI had been destroyed.

Referring to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s earlier statement that elections would be held in October, Khan asked: “Will our economy get better and inflation disappear in October?”

“What is the benefit of holding elections in October?”