PSP terms CCI’s decision ‘Anti-Karachi, Anti-Pakistan’


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal slammed Council of Common Interests (CCI) for recognizing the federal cabinet’s decision of approving controversial population census results of 2017, without taking into account the legitimate and genuine reservations of Karachiites, and termed the move as anti-Karachi, anti-Pakistan and throwing dust in the eyes of the general public.

Acknowledging an inaccurate census is not only unforgivable but also brutal.

Kamal lashed out at the so-called stakeholders including MQM, and PPP-led Sindh Government which continued to keep mum over the genuine issue associated with 30 million people of the metropolitan for their vested personal interests, lust for power and ministries.


Legitimizing this wrong census will set foundation for the next censuses which would be carried out based on statistics of the census 2017 results which have utterly been rejected by Karachiites because the port city’s population has been under represented to deprive the country’s economic and commercial lifeline of its due monetary and development rights.

Despite knowing that the ID cards issued by NADRA with permanent Karachi addresses are more than 20.5 million, also the number of people in the voter lists is high while the number in the census result reflects quite low which shows that Karachi’s population has deliberately under represented, All the political parties elected from Karachi have not only stabbed Karachi in the back for personal interests, power and ministries but have also given a new life to the anti state elements who are exploiting and manipulating public deprivations for their own vested interests. “30 million people of Karachi have recognized their enemies now.” Kamal said.

“Every passing day proves that Karachi was not robbed by robbers but by its custodians.” He vowed that PSP will not leave a single individual of Karachi alone and will fight their case at every forum.

He expressed these views while addressing a corner meeting of business personalities in NA-249 Constituency where by elections are scheduled this month.