PSP grieved over Hyderabad incident; slams Sindh govt for negligence


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal while expressing deep grief over the deaths of 9 people on the second day of Eid-ul-Adha as result of explosion of transformer near Latifabad No. 8 Akbari Mosque in Hyderabad area and non-availability of medical aid at Hyderabad Civil Hospital held WAPDA, federal and Sindh government directly responsible for criminal negligence and biased attitude.

WAPDA’s criminal negligence, the federal and provincial government’s bias led entire Hyderabad to mourning. The attitude of the rulers is causing great public outrage.

If the rulers do not correct their behaviour immediately, there will be a strong reaction that will shatter the power of the rulers and then nobody could held public responsible.

Despite several complaints from citizens about oil spills from transformers, no one paid heed.

The Federal Minister for Energy, Sindh Chief Minister and Sindh Health Minister will have to answer for the loss of innocent human lives.

When the burn patients were taken to the Civil Hospital in Hyderabad, there were no medical facilities in the Burns Ward. Due to which the patients had to be sent to Karachi and they died on the way.

Sindh government failed to even provide ambulances. Officials from the PSP Foundation and the PSP Medical Aid Committee have been working tirelessly to rescue the burn victims,and they made arrangements to move the victims to Karachi.

Humans are being treated worse than animals, In the scorching heat, there was no electricity, and water in the area where the funerals were held, neither WAPDA nor HESCO officials reached the scene.

“The bereaved families are so frustrated that they do not even trust the authorities to take notice.”


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