PSP Chief Mustafa Kamal rejects NA-240 by-poll result


Pakistan Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chief Mustafa Kamal on Friday accused that MQM-P was made victorious in the by-election in the NA-240 constituency of Karachi through rigging. Addressing the media in Karachi, he said that the election was ‘stolen’ from PSP which was the strongest contender among all contestants in the by-poll.


He termed the election as ‘bogus’ mired in terrorism. Kamal claimed that 13,927 voters – around 3,500 more than the victor – voted in favor of PSP, but rigging was done to make MQM-P victorious.Speaking about the violence during the by-election, the PSP chief blamed Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) for the chaos and violence in the name of religion. He said that a PSP activist was killed while 10 others were injured while claiming he also sustained a bullet injury during the clash. Kamal said that more than 40 PSP workers were arrested later during the night. “It is not acceptable that we get hit by the bullets and the state remains silent.”

The ex-mayor asserted that PSP’s workers did not have a single weapon and said that PSP did not retaliate and stayed silent for the sake of peace and protection of state.


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