PSCE event at Al-Hamra a resounding success


Rung School of Music and Arts Council and Passion Music Agency are proud to announce that the PSCE music fusion event held at Al-Hamra Arts Council Lahore was a resounding success. The PSCE event, which showcased the fusion of traditional and contemporary music styles, was attended by music lovers of all ages and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The event featured talented musicians from Pakistan and Switzerland from a variety of musical backgrounds, including WajihNizami (PK), Markus Hauser (CH), Loris Peloso (CH), Irfan Khan (PK), and Sumair Emmanuel (PK).

The audience was treated to a unique and spectacular experience, as the musicians came together to perform their own take on musical cultural fusion. With a packed audience in attendance, the event was a celebration of music, creativity, and cultural diversity. The fusion of traditional Eastern and contemporary Western music styles was unlike anything the audience had ever seen before, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The audience was captivated by the energy and passion of each performance, and the seamless blending of different musical styles. The event showcased some momentous performances by the musicians including the Sitar and Tabla duet by WajihNizami and Irfan Khan to create a soaring melody that left everyone in awe. Loris Peloso using his amazing vocals and impeccable guitar technique made everyone tap their feet on the famous song, “Bella Ciao”.