Provision of basic facilities on Pak-Afghan border Angoor Ada urged

Adam Khan Wazir

A joint meeting of leading tribal elders and Ullamas was held on the occasion of Wana trade union elections in the tribal district of South Waziristan. In which the newly elected cabinet of the business community was congratulated and the problems and difficulties faced by the business community were discussed in detail.

On this occasion JUI Wana President Maulana Mirzajan Wazir, Maulana Naik Muhammad, Malik Alla Udin Wazir, Malik Bismillah Khan and Wana Trade Union President Sardar Ali Wazir said while talking to the media. That the business community should be ensured the provision of facilities on the Pak-Afghan border Angoor Ada on the pattern of other borders.

The tribal elders said that the government of Pakistan has provided many facilities to the business community at Chaman, Torkham, Khar Lachi, and Ghulam Khan borders, but only Angoor Ada border has been deprived of these facilities.

JUI Wana President Maulana Mir Zajan Wazir and Maulana Naik Muhammad told the media that the problems of the business community can be resolved through consensus and unity and the existing unity should be maintained which will promote trade. Wana Trade Union President Sardar Ali Wazir and Malik Alla Udin Wazir strongly demanded from Corps Commander Peshawar and IGFC South.

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