Providing awareness to citizens in door to door drive: Yasmin



Provincial Health Minister and President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid paid a detailed visit to UC 63 Shah Alam Market of NA 130. Ali Aamir, Amir Balaj and many other workers were present on this occasion.

Dr Yasmin Rashid presided over and led the door to door campaign in the namak market. On this occasion, social mobilizers were also accompanied by provincial health minister and PTI Central Punjab president Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

The people of the area gave a grand welcome to her.

Provincial Health Minister and President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Punjab said that we are delivering the message of Imran Khan in every street and locality of Lahore.

We are providing awareness to the citizens about Haqiqi Azadi during the door to door campaign. Imran Khan will defeat thieves and looters in general elections.

Tehreek e Insaf will win in general elections. Imran Khan’s ideology of Haqiqi Azadi is being strengthened at the public level.

Imran Khan has awakened the common man. Like by-elections, Tehreek-e-Insaf will sweep the general elections as well.

Imran Khan will knock down all the wickets of the opposition with one ball in the general elections.

The nation is in trouble and Maryam Bibi is travelling whole world with her father.

What will be the feelings of the poor people who are attacking the national treasury? PML-N has always used politics as a means of corruption.

Corruption has settled in the veins of PML-N.

The imported government has put obstacles in the way of Pakistan’s development.