Protracted Ukraine war


NATO’s Chief warned that the war in Ukraine could last “for years” as President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed his forces would not give up the south of the country to Russia after he visited the frontline there.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged Western countries to be ready to offer long-term military, political and economic support to Kyiv during a grinding war.

Contrary to the initial estimation of the Russian Federation to defeat Ukraine in several weeks because of its military superiority, Ukraine, after witnessing losses in early days is now in a defiant mood and is frustrating plans of Moscow in different regions because of military, financial and political support by the Western world that wants to penalize Russia for its adventure in Ukraine.

Western countries are unanimous in their decision not to allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep territory in Ukraine as this would not lead to a more peaceful world.

With this in view, they intend to increase military and economic aid for Ukraine to boost its capability to defend itself.

All this means there would be no early end to the conflict that goes on for the last four months with negative consequences for the global economy, especially the energy sector as Russia has scaled back gas supplies to the West, triggering energy crisis in many countries.

There would also be no end to the woes of countries like Pakistan that are facing huge economic challenges because of rising prices of oil in the international market.

An end to the war and resumption of normal Russian supplies to the world market could bring down the prices of oil significantly but that seems to be a remote possibility given the prevailing tough positions by Russia and Ukraine/its backers.

Continuation of the conflict would play havoc with the global economy and compound difficulties of the developing countries and therefore, the UN should step forward to engage the warring sides for meaningful talks for restoration of peace and avoidance of bloodshed.