Protesters block main Bajaur-Peshawar road against load shedding



During the protests against unjust load shedding in Bajaur Khar and its suburbs, protesters blocked the Bajaur-Peshawar highway for all kinds of traffic here on Saturday for almost two hours. Passengers faced severe difficulties due to traffic closure. For the last one week, people in the area have been protesting against the power outage and continuous power outage in the headquarters Khar.
Protesters Haji Syed Badshah, Aurangzeb Inqalabi, Amin-ur-Rehman, Lali Shah Pakhtunyar, Mufti Mohsin, Javed Khan, Haji Inamullah said that WAPDA officials were continuing to cut off electricity illegally. Local WAPDA officials cut off power at the local level, causing severe hardship to the people of the area due to power outages.
“If WAPDA officials do not reduce the duration of load shedding at the Khar headquarters and stop the power outages at the local level, we will be forced to escalate our protests,” they said in their addresses to the protesters. Protesters said that due to power outages,there was a shortage of drinking water and mosques in the area.—APP

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