Protest demonstrations held across city, demand justice for Bilal Nasir



Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi on Saturday held dozens of protest demonstrations to observe black day against the rising lawlessness and skyrocketing street crimes in Karachi and demanding justice for Bilal Nasir — a young student gunned down outside the NED University for offering resistance to street criminals.

The protest demonstrations were held outside the SSP Office Korangi, Hyderi Market, Burns Road, Lee Market, SSP Office Orangi, Water Pump Chowrangi and other prominent spots in the city.

Earlier in the day, JI Karachi chief Engr Hafiz NaeemurRehman held a press conference, lambasting the city police chief over his failure to curb street crimes and advising citizens to peacefully handover their valuables to muggers when confronted.

In this presser, the JI leader demanded of the government to restructure the police in Karachi with increased number of locals in the department to 80 percent. He also demanded of the authorities to purge the police department of black sheep in order to restore peace and maintain law and order in the mega city.

He said that crimes in the megalopolis have increased by 12 percent as compared to the calendar year 2021. He added that the Sindh police have lost its credibility among Karachiites and as a result a large number of victims of crimes don’t file even a first information report with the police.

He said it is a clear fact that criminals can’t operate in a mega city with such an impunity without involvement of corrupt police officials. He added that earlier the city police chief had rebuffed the reports about massive street crimes in the city for face saving and now he was advising people to handover their valuables to muggers when asked without resistance. Instead of advising people, the city police chief should have focused his duty to end street crimes in the Karachi.

EngrNaeemurRehman further said that the Pakistan People Party government in Sindh recruit policemen on political basis for their own gains and corruption. The policemen for deployment in Karachi should be recruited from within the mega city on pure merit basis, he said.

Talking about the overall situation in the city, he said that the PPP and the MuttahidaQaumi Movement have joined hands against local government elections in order to keep Karachiites deprived of their due rights. However, he maintained, Karachiites will show the PPP and the MQM door on January 15, 2023.