Protection for European Super League Clubs lifted

Protection for European Super League Clubs lifted

A Spanish court has lifted measures that were protecting the clubs that wanted to create a European Super League competition from facing repercussions by UEFA and FIFA.

A court in Madrid ruled that it was removing the legal protection because even if the clubs are punished that would not impede them from going forward with the plan to create a breakaway competition that would still be beyond UEFA’s control.

Of the original 12 clubs that wanted to create a breakaway Super League, only Real Madrid and Barcelona from Spain and Juventus from Italy still openly back its creation.

“It has in no way been demonstrated that the threat of sanctions to the three clubs would lead to the impossibility of carrying out the project,” judge Sofía Gil wrote in her ruling.

Gil dismissed concerns presented by the clubs that punishment from football’s governing bodies would ruin their chances of attracting financing for the Super League.

UEFA said it “welcomes this decision and is considering its implications.”

The ruling can be appealed as per law.

Last April, a different Spanish judge had ordered FIFA and UEFA to “refrain from taking any measure or action, or from issuing any statement, which prevents or hinders, directly or indirectly, the preparation of the European Super League.”

That move came amid threats that the Super League teams would be banned from participating in Europe’s premier footballing competition, the Champions League.

Almost a year on the trot, 12 teams announced the creation of the European Super League citing the monetary benefits of pitting the best teams in Europe against each other.

Six Premier League teams — Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham — were involved, alongside Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan.

The idea faced massive backlash from fans and controlling bodies alike with many supporters protesting in front of their clubs’ stadiums.

The idea was short-lived as a result, with the league failing to see out even a week before folding, an outcome that was widely celebrated.

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