Protect property, dignity of common man: IGP

Staff Reporter

Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani on Thursday emphasised that supervisory officers should play a key role in improving the rate of work out of cases along with registration of FIRs while protecting the lives, property and dignity of the citizens.

He said that the ongoing operations should be intensified to protect property, honour and life of the citizens from criminal activities of occupation mafia and thugs.

IG Police Inam Ghani was speaking to all RPOs, CPOs and DPOs of the province during a video link conference he chaired from Central Police Office on Thursday.

He said that the DIG IT should submit a report within a week on the rate of registration of cases on 15 calls of crime in the province and where no registration of criminal cases were found, action shall be taken against the responsible officers without any discrimination.

He further said that District Monitoring Units should be set up in all the districts of the province on the pattern of Regional Monitoring Units, the supervision of which would be entrusted to the concerned SSP RIB and their work will be to ensure a close digital monitoring of investigation of all registered cases.

He further said that the petitions of a few percent of the citizens who are not satisfied with the police action should be reopened on the Prime Minister’s Portal and the concerned officers should personally contact the applicants and satisfy them with the police action as per law and all possible guidance should be provided to the citizens while satisfying the jurisdiction of any institution other than the police.

He further said that police service centers are an important means of providing fast track service delivery to the citizens and the RPOs and DPOs should review the working of their service centers and wherever there is a lack of resources or facilities, it should be met immediately on priority basis while all the RPOs should send the detailed report of the working of service centers of their district to central police office on monthly basis.

He directed the Additional IG Investigation to oversee the investigation of other serious cases such as robbery, murder, rape and gang rape, kidnapping for ransom and also send me a weekly report and the Additional IG Investigation should also state in the report that is he satisfied with the progress of investigation of these cases or not? He directed the Additional IG Special Branch to send its reports on sale and use of drugs in the province to the concerned RPOs and DPOs so that the ongoing operations against them could be expedited on the basis of strong information.

He further said that eradication of corruption, non-discriminatory action against abuse of power and citizen centric policing are the key components of my policy so all command officers would take the next financial year as “Police Stations Year” and use all development funds for improving the issues of police stations and providing modern facilities so that the citizens could also benefit from modern policing and fast track policing initiatives.