Property prices in city see 100pc increase


The prices of property in Karachi have skyrocketed with a 100% increase, making it an unachievable dream for many residents of the city.


According to a report, the number of slums is rapidly spreading in the city owing to the unavailability of affordable housing and property.


As life returned to normalcy in Karachi after the coronavirus lockdowns, property prices rose from 50% to 100%. Areas of the city where buying and selling of property are on the rise include Shah Latif Township, Northern Bypass, Surjani Town, Scheme 33, Malir, and Jinnah Avenue Road.


Prices of properties have doubled in areas where basic facilities like uninterrupted water, electricity, and gas supply are available.


Apartments on Jinnah Avenue Road are worth more than Rs10 million, while bookings for under-construction projects also cost up to Rs10 million. The value of a 120-yard plot in legally stable and well-equipped societies or commercial projects on the Northern Bypass is Rs1 million.


Meanwhile, the population of the city is rapidly increasing due to the influx of people from other parts of the country. Per the report, the inability to find affordable housing is increasing the number of slums and encroachments on properties.


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