Propaganda against uniform education system lamented

Observer Report

German media Deutsche Welle (DW) has criticized PM Imran Khan Govt for preparing to implement a uniform education system in the country with a strong focus on an Islamized syllabus and teaching of the Quran.

Critics fear it could increase islamizsation of schools and universities as it will increase the influence of Islamic clerics, sharpen sectarian fault lines and greatly damage the social fabric.

Uniform education system is not just aimed at providing equal opportunity to quality education, bridging class gap and social disparity but also ensure better understanding of Quran as it would lead to transformation of children into better human beings.

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance which strengthens the social fabric and by no mean erode it.

The standardization of syllabus and revival of Islamic education in Pakistan may pinch those who propaganda Islamophobia or have larger designs to hit our system / religion for vested interests and DW is not an exception.

Uniformity of curriculum creates the basic standards of academic proficiency that is why notable countries of west including the UK, Germany and France have uniform education policy.

Under the New Education policy (NEP) of India, the teaching of Hindu epics like Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana have been made mandatory in 100 autonomous Madrasas.

This has been included as apart of the new curriculum on ancient Indian knowledge and heritage in the New Education Policy (NEP).

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