Prompt action


INTERIOR Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Tuesday that the suspects involved in the suicide attack in Islamabad last week — that left a policeman martyred and several injured — have been arrested.

In a tweet today, the Minister confirmed that the miscreants and their handlers behind the attack had been rounded up.

The law-enforcing agencies really deserve appreciation for their prompt action as this would send the right kind of message to terrorists and their handlers that they cannot escape the nemesis.

The TTP, which was previously active mainly in the KP and Balochistan, claimed responsibility for the Islamabad attack which was obviously aimed at terrorizing people and creating panic among citizens.

While lauding the efforts of the police and other agencies, we would point out that the success of the anti-terror campaign is deeply linked to the ability of the system to complete investigations and the judicial process in a speedy manner.

It has been observed in countless cases that the suspects are initially nabbed but they go scot free because of lack of evidence, flawed investigation, palm-greasing, threats to the life of police and judicial officers and loopholes in the legal procedure.

Similarly, it is all the more important to strengthen security without jeopardizing normal life.

The move of the Capital Police to issue a “special” plan that introduces 25 temporary check-posts in the city and requires citizens and foreigners to carry their identification documents with them is understandable but it is responsibility of the police high ups to ensure that revival of the check-posts, which were abolished by the former Interior Minister to ensure ease of movement of people, does not add to the woes of the people, who are weary of the exploitative tactics by official deployed at these posts.