Prominent businessman Mohammad Lakhani injured in firing incident


Mohammad Lakhani, a prominent businessman associated with the Adamji Group, was injured in a firing incident on his car on Wednesday.

According to today’s news, while Lakhani and his driver were driving through Karachi’s SITE neighborhood, unidentified shooters opened fire on their vehicle. At the automobile, about seven rounds were fired. 

Terrorists allegedly killed in the operation 

The injured have been sent to a private hospital, and according to the police, Lakhani is safe. 

Police say it looks like a “target killing” occurrence, but “personal hatred” could also be at play. 

Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh, denounced the incident and asked Additional Inspector General of Police Mushtaq Maher for a report. 

In Peshawar, a police station was attacked, and two “informers” were killed.