Progress being made on airport contract: Sources


The Islamic Emirate and Qatar as well Turkey have made progress on a contract for the technical affairs of the five major Afghan airports, sources told TOLOnews.

The sources said the aviation services will be performed based on standard procedures after the Qatari and Turkish companies take responsibility for its technical operation.

Economists say that handing over the technical affairs of the airport to major companies will encourage airline companies to resume flights in Afghanistan.

“If this comes into practice, it will benefit Afghanistan. We can use our own airports for economic development and export,” said Seyar Qureshi, an economist.

A former deputy minister of transport and civil aviation said that the Islamic Emirate will insist on providing security with its own forces, but Qatar and Turkey will deny it.

“They consider themselves obliged to have their own technical and security staff to conduct safe flights. This issue may have been opposed by the Islamic Emirate, and therefore this issue has been delayed,” said Imam Mohammad Warimach, deputy minister of transportation and aviation. However, some analysts believe that political challenges are the main reason for the delay in the contract of the airports. “The Islamic Emirate tried to reach a political agreement with the international community and the US, and therefore this process has taken long time,” said Seyar Qureshi, an economist.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) said the contract with the Turkish and Qatari companies will boost trade ties between Afghanistan and the world.

“If the issue is based on international standards and processes, it will benefit Afghanistan whether it is handed over to Qatar, Turkey or the UAE,” said Khanjan Alokozai, a member of the ACCI.

Even before the fall of the republic government, Turkey was bidding to take responsibility for Kabul airport’s technical operation. Based on available numbers of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, between 20 to 30 flights arrive and depart from Kabul airport on daily.—TOLO