Prof brings laurels to University of Punjab

Prof Dr Syeda Mahnaz Hassan

It is such an honour for the University of the Punjab to have the research work of Prof Dr Syeda Mahnaz Hassan, Chairperson, Department of Social Work, published by a highly prestigious forum of Collaborative Research Centre, University of Bremen, Germany.

Recently, Pakistan’s Chapter on Covid-19 Social Policy Response has been published by Prof Dr Syeda Mahnaz Hassan, “Pakistan’s Social Policy Response to Covid-19” which can be accessed at the following link:

This report has also been uploaded in Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) by Collaborative Research Centre, University of Bremen amongst the eminent researchers of the world.

The CRC acknowledged the extensive research work of the Professor Mahnaz in expanding the realm of human knowledge through her groundbreaking research about social protection, social welfare services and poverty reduction in Pakistan and selected her as country expert from Pakistan on social protection issues in 2017.

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1342 “Global Dynamics of Social Policy” is an association of eight research institutions at the University of Bremen, funded by the German Research Foundation. The Collaborative Research Centre 1342 analyses the global dynamics of social policy.

The CRC abandons the traditional OECD centrism and comprehensively incorporates the Global South into the analysis.

Since a country’s social policy cannot be explained solely by domestic circumstances, international relations and networks are being taken into account: trade relations, migration, war and colonialism as well as the worldwide dissemination of ideas and legal regulations have great influence on the social policy developments of the individual countries.

In addition, research at CRC 1342 is based on a broad understanding of social policy including – among other aspects – education policy.

Being a researcher in the domain of social protection and poverty alleviation, she has highlighted the vigilance of the Government in curtailing this menace.

She has critically analyzed and appreciated the efforts of the Government, which has been successful in controlling this contagion better than majority of the developed and developing countries of the world, despite of scarcity of resources and a frail health management system in the country.

The significant contribution of the author at such a prestigious international forum, where 34 countries have elaborated their social policy measures to contain this pandemic, reflects her strong research acumen and a deep insight on the national issues which need to address on priority basis.

She has also substantiated the need for a more holistic approach of the Government for managing this and other challenges to come.


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