Probe finds Mufti Aziz guilty of raping student

Mufti Aziz ur Rehman


Staff Reporter

The police investigation has found Mufti Azizur Rehman guilty of raping a madrassa student in Lahore.

Judicial Magistrate Rana Arshad heard the cleric’s bail plea at the Cantt Court on Tuesday. According to the case record and police report submitted in court, the mufti was found guilty of the crime. “His bail request should be rejected,” the investigation officer requested.

Magistrate Arshad summoned the lawyers of both the suspect and the victim for arguments and adjourned the hearing till September 10.

At a hearing on August 23, Mufti Aziz’s lawyer demanded the police present the case challan in the court.

“The accusations and FIR lodged against the mufti are baseless,” he said, adding that the suspect’s pre-arrest bail should be approved.

Previously, the cleric claimed that the video of the crime has been manipulated and linked to him. He demanded a forensic review of the clip should be conducted by the FIA and Punjab Forensic Department.

It is to be recalled that Mufti Aziz was charged on June 16 after videos showing him forcing himself on the student went viral.

The man (who identified himself but who we will not name), had registered an FIR at North Cantt Police Station in Lahore. He said that he had been a student of Jamia Manzoorul Islamia since 2013.


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