Prioritizing education is a key to human development: Experts


On this International Day of Education, experts stressed on the need of prioritizing education especially in times of disasters so that learners are not deprived of their right to education and highlighted the role of political parties in ensuring quality education.

These thoughts were expressed during a dialogue conducted by Awaz CDS and Child Rights Movement with the theme of “to invest in people, prioritize education”.

This event was an effort to bring awareness to the intricacies of issues in the Education sector according to Chief Executive Awaz CDS Mr. Zia ur Rehman, via panel discussions of both Development sector and government officials.

He further said that the root cause of our education calamity is the lack of implementation of government policies already put in place, and once Pakistan succeeds in implementing the legislations and policies, progress and development is not far.

The first panel discussion was aimed to address the challenges of provision and obtainment of education in times of disaster in Pakistan.

National Coordinator, Pakistan Coalition for Education Ms. Zehra Kaneez pointed out that even those who had educational resources such as schools .