Principals stage protest outside Sindh Assembly


Protesting teachers and headmasters of government schools in Sindh have demanded to be made permanent employees as other government employees with more than 90-days contracts become eligible for permanent appointment.

According to details, the headmasters of government schools, who have been protesting in support of their demands for the past several days, have staged a sit-in outside the Sindh Assembly.

At a press conference outside the assembly, the protesters said that they were recruited on a contract lasting 89 days while those with a 90-day contract become eligible for permanent appointment.

They said the Hyderabad High Court has given its decision in their favour, they cannot be laid off. “We are not even a party to the decision of the Karachi Bench which was shown to us by the Education Minister”, the protestors said.

They said that as per the decision of Karachi bench, the examination was being conducted by the Sindh Public Service Commission.

However, there is no rule for sending contract recruitments to Sindh Public Service Commission.


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