Princess Diana’s death: Anonymous hackers release startling details



Lady Diana Spencer passed away in a fatal car crash over twenty years. However, her death, till date remains one of the most controversial events in history.
Recently, speculation around the car crash that killed her was fueled considerably after hacktivist group Anonymous re-emerged, releasing some startling details surrounding her death.
According to the hacker collective, the Princess of Wales may have been killed on August 31, 1997, which further powered conspiracy theories around her death.
While the princess had ended her marriage with Prince Charles in 1996, she had allegedly documented some proof backing claims of the royal family’s ties to human trafficking.
The hackers claim Diana had recorded the testimony of someone who was allegedly sexually assaulted in the palace. She had also been allegedly working towards accumulating more evidence in the form of testimonies that prove the conjecture around the royal family.
Anonymous believes it was because of this reason Diana’s life was brought to an end with the car crash in which she was allegedly “murdered.”
The revelations have definitely added fire to the already existing theories about Diana’s untimely death not being an accident.—AP