Prince Harry warned of ‘big mistake’ with Princess Diana’s statue


An expert recently warned Prince Harry against making a ‘big mistake’ with his upcoming trip to the UK for Princess Diana’s statue.

The topic arose during a conversation between royal expert Charlie Rae and Kevin O’Sullivan on TalkRadio.

Mr. O’Sullivan was the first to weigh in and claim, “Prince Harry was slightly stunned by the cold shoulder reception he got from many royals.”

“This is hardly surprising considering he called them a load of racists on television. I suspect that Harry may not come back in July.”

On the other side, sources believe Prince Harry may not be punished for his most recent digs against the royal family and may in fact expect a substantial windfall via Prince Philip’s private £30million will.

News regarding Prince Harry’s stake in Prince Philip’s will was brought forward by a source close to The Sun.

Information regarding Prince Harry’s stake in the entire inheritance matter was brought forward by a source close to The Sun.

They were quoted saying, “Philip was not the sort of character to punish a grandson for misbehaving. He was a very fair, even-handed and lovely man. Never held a grudge.”

The insider also explained how Philip was “no more of a fan of leaving his cash to the Treasury than anyone else” and thus “had plenty of time to sort out all the legal stuff so it wouldn’t attract inheritance tax.”—Reuters