Prices of vegetables remain high due to rains



The prices of all seasonal vegetables remained at higher side as the rainy weather affected the sup-plies to the urban centre.

Further, overcharging continued to add to the people’s problems as the government was not taking any interest to resolve the people’ issues.

Across the City, official price list was not implemented while the sellers refused to sell the perishables at official rates.

Those argue the price violation, the sellers asked to go somewhere else to shop where it is sold at official rates.

This week price of chicken was reduced by Rs5 per kg, fixed at Rs226 per kg, sold at Rs250-280 per kg, and chicken meat by Rs8 per kg, fixed at Rs339 per kg, and sold at Rs360-600 per kg.

The price of potato soft skin new A-grade was gained by Rs147 per kg, fixed at Rs75-80 per kg, B-Grade Rs70-75per kg, not sold, potato sugar-free A-grade fixed at Rs40-44 per kg, sold at Rs80 per kg, B-grade at Rs35-38 per kg, sold at Rs60 per kg, potato white at Rs29-32 kg, sold at Rs40-50 per kg.

The price of onion A-grade was gained by Rs17 per kg, fixed at Rs84-90 per kg, sold at Rs120 per kg, B-grade at Rs75-80per kg, sold at Rs90-100 per kg, and C-grade at Rs65-70 per kg, sold at Rs80 per kg.


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