Prices of textbooks rise by 50%


In the era of inflation, an increase of 50 percent in the prices of text books has increased the miseries of the common man. With surge in rates of paper, the publishers of text books in Punjab have raised the prices of text books by about 50 percent.

The syllabus of nursery classes of the private schools of the province has increased upto 5000 rupees. During last year, the syllabus which was available for 10,000 rupees has climbed to 20,000 rupees and text book available for Rs250 last year was now sold against Rs500.

The prices of stationary items early available for 40 have climbed to 70 and those being sold for 60 has reached to 100 rupees. The students and parents both have demanded of the authorities concerned for reducing the prices of stationery items especially text books.

The stationers were of the view that they were getting text books, copies and other items at high prices due to increase in rates of paper and were forced to sell them at increased prices.