Prices of kitchen items show an upward trend


The prices of most of the essential kitchen items have witnessed an upward trend during week past against the previous week, says a survey report The wholesalers and retailers at different markets said that prices of most of the items remained on high side; however, following an improvement in supply chain, prices of some kitchen items witnessed a decline during the last week past.

The survey noted that prices of chicken, potatoes, powdered milk, pulse gram, eggs, mutton, bread, wheat flour, rice basmati broken, bananas, milk, and sugar increased during the week past as compared to the precious week while a decline was observed in the prices of onions, garlic, tomatoes, cooking oil Dalda or other similar brand and vegetable ghee Dalda/Habib.

Chicken price went up from Rs 16,000 per 40kg in the wholesale market to Rs 16,500, which in retail is being sold at Rs430 against Rs415 per kg, while chicken meat is being sold at Rs680 per kg against Rs650 per kg, egg price went up from Rs 7,200 per carton to Rs 7,300, while in retail, eggs are being sold in the range of Rs275-280 per dozen.

Sugar price has went up slightly from Rs5,570 per 50kg bag to Rs5,700 in wholesale market which in retail is being sold at Rs132-135 per kg.

Wheat flour price witnessed upward trend as its price went up from Rs 2,660 per 20kg bag to Rs 2,690 per bag. Normal quality wheat flour bag is being sold at Rs 2,130 per 15kg bag against Rs 2,100 in the wholesale market, which in retail is being sold at Rs 2,150 per bag.

Rice prices witnessed increase as best quality basmati rice is available at Rs 12,700 per 40kg bag against Rs 12,500 per 40kg bag, while the retailers are selling at Rs350-355 per kg, normal quality Basmati price went up from Rs 10,500 per 40kg bag to Rs 10,600, which in retail is being sold at Rs290-295 per kg against Rs280-285 per kg.