Prices of essential items in ‘Bachat Bazaar’ reviewd

Sawan Khaskheli

Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh, Pir Noorullah Qureshi has visited ‘Bachat Bazaar’ at Tando Bago on Friday and checked prices of food and essential items in the set up ‘Bachat Bazaar’ by district administration Badin.

Special Assistant to CM Sindh also visited different stalls set up in the Bazaar to provide relief to the common people of the district Badin where he asked the management of the Bachat Bazaar to assure the availability of the food and all essential items in the Bazaar for the people of Badin at government notified and cheap rates as compared to the open markets.

On the occasion, while talking with media, Pir Noorullah Qureshi, Special Assistant to CM Sindh said that to maintain the cheap rates of the essential items monitoring by concerned officials was underway under the clear directives of Chief Minister Sindh in regard to provide the maximum relief to the common people of the province during the holy month of Ramzan specially.

Responding to a question, he assured that strict action will be taken against the hoarders and peddlers and impose the necessary penalty on those who will violate the government directions. He stressed that price list issued by district administration should be displayed in the prominent place at all the shops and stalls etc.

Pir Noorullah Qureshi also instructed all concerned officials to ensure that all edible items should be available at ‘Bachat Bazaar’ inadequate quantity, adding that no slackness in this regard would be acceptable.