Prices of essential commodities re-fixed in district


The district administration, in consultation with the wholesalers, retailers, traders and consumer representatives, re-fixed the wholesale and retail prices of various essential commodities.

In this regard, a meeting of the District Price Control Committee was held with Deputy Commissioner Ali Shahzad in the chair on Friday.

The meeting reviewed the current market prices of essential items, fluctuation in their availability and fixed new prices for the open market.

According to details, the price of ‘basin’ [gram powder] will be Rs 123 per kg in wholesale, while the retail price will be Rs 128 per kg.

Similarly, gram white (big) price will be Rs 164 per kg and Rs 170 per kg respectively, white gram (small) Rs 143 per kg and Rs 148 per kg, black gram (big), Rs 115 per kg and Rs 120 per kg, black gram (small) at Rs 111 per kg and Rs 116 per kg, pulse gram (big) at Rs 120 and Rs 125 per kg.

Pulse gram small Rs 105 and Rs 110 per kg, Pulse maash washed Rs 223 and Rs 230 per kg, pulse maash unwashed Rs 200 and Rs 208 per kg. —APP

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