Price body ordered to ensure supply of food items

Raza Naqvi

Deputy Commissioner Attock Rao Atif Raza while presiding over the district price control committee here on Wednesday has directed all the stakeholders to ensure the provision of all kitchen food items to the consumers during the holy month of Ramzan in accordance with the prescribed price list failing which the supervisory officials will be fixed strictly as per law.

The district price control committee after consensus over the prevailing market situation also revised the prices of various grocery and other eatable items which include Rice super old Rs.315 kg, gram pulse (thin) Rs.220kg, gram pulse (coarse) Rs.240 kg, husked red lentils Rs.280 kg, husked red lentils ( coarse) Rs.260 kg, white coloured lentil (special quality) Rs.400 kg, green gram split Rs.260 kg, white chickpea (thin) Rs.320 kg, white chickpea (coarse) Rs.355 kg, black chickpea (small)Rs.220 kg, black chickpea (coarse) Rs.225 kg, chickpea flour Rs.250 kg, mutton Rs.1300 kg, beef Rs.600 kg, milk Rs.135 liter, yogurt Rs.140 kg, oven bread Rs.15, nan plain Rs.20 were fixed.

The committee also recommended that the day to day prices of vegetables, fruits will be released by the respective secretaries market committees through open auction while, the prices of poultry products will be advertised in consensus with the Director Live stock Attock regularly at 7.00 AM, positively. The butchers were restricted to get their animals slaughtered at the state owned butchers home besides selling their meat under official seal of the concerned veterinary doctors.