President urges healthy lifestyle to prevent burden on health system


Convocation ceremony of Foundation University College of Dentistry

Zubair Qureshi

President Dr Arif Alvi has called for adopting healthy life-style to prevent the burden of disease on our fragile health system.

The president made these remarks while addressing the convocation ceremony of Foundation University College of Dentistry. Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by the faculty members, graduating students and their parents in large numbers.

Addressing the ceremony, the president stressed the importance of creating awareness about the early detection of illness and disease, promoting preventive means to avoid disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle and by treating their patients with the utmost care, kindness and compassion which, he said, made a huge difference in reassuring the patients and resolving their health issues.

The president regretted that almost 50 per cent of females leave the medical profession either after or before marriage which was a huge loss to the country and society. He called for steps to reverse this trend and urged the parents to support their daughters towards continuing their profession. He emphasized that Government must take steps to provide a secure and enabling environment and create opportunities for them to perform their official duties online or on flexible timings and schedules to enable them to work and raise their families comfortably.

The president said that there was a need to reduce the stress level in society by educating the masses regarding handling and avoiding fake news, respecting the privacy of individuals, and portraying the messages and the statements in their true context. He said that statements and sentences quoted out of reference and context add to the confusion and anxiety in society and, therefore, should be handled effectively.

The president congratulated the young graduates on the start of their professional life and advised them to keep pursuing knowledge and be humble in their personal and professional lives. He also urged all medical professionals to treat their patients with empathy as they were part of a noble profession whose primary duty was to reduce the suffering of mankind.

Earlier, the president gave away medals and certificates to distinguished graduates. Major General (R) Dr Imran Fazal, Director, Foundation University School of Health Sciences, presented the annual report of the university.


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