President for collective efforts to ensure safe people mobility


Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians

President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi on Wednesday said it is time that we seriously and collectively address the huge mortality and health impact of road traffic crashes, and an urgent need for cooperation by the stakeholders across many relevant sectors – safe mobility for people (public transport), adequate safe road infrastructure, and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

The President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi while addressing the inaugural sessions of the Road Safety Conference for Parliamentarians here at a local hotel today said that the conference is being convened at a very critical point in time, when the country has faced numerous consecutive road accidents in the recent days resulting in tremendous loss of life and injuries.

He was addressing the conference being held with the collaboration of Pakistan Parlimaan (A project of GIZ ) at Islamabad. International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) brought together international parliamentarians from nine countries and international organization to address the pressing issue of road safety, in Islamabad- Pakistan.

Arif Alvi while lamenting the rapid increase in devastating road accidents taking away lives of many, and leaving behind many injured said that the rescue teams and the traffic law enforcement bodies should thoroughly investigate such incidents as well as follow up by the supporting health units on the rehabilitation of road traffic crash victims, he added. “Legislators must take an immediate review to this subject and come out with recommendations that can actually contribute to the global plan of halving the increasing number of deaths and injuries by road crashes” Alvi commented while addressing the global conference.