President approves domestic workers’ bill


President Arif Alvi on Saturday accorded his approval to Dyslexia Special Measures and Islamabad Domestic Workers bills 2022.

The president approved both bills under Article 75 of the Constitution of Pakistan, President Secretariat Press Wing said in a press release on Saturday.

Under Dyslexia Special Measures Bill 2022, special steps would be taken for those children suffering from dyslexia and related diseases.

According to the contents of the domestic workers’ bill, the domestic workers would be issued an appointment letter besides also giving six holidays on festive occasions.

The working hours for domestic help will be nine hours and overtime will be given to them in case of additional hours of work, it said adding that for three hours of additional work, 19 percent salary would be given as overtime.

The domestic workers will also be given a one-month notice period and salary in case of terminating their services immediately, the bill read adding that salary would be paid to the domestic help in case of maternity leaves.

The domestic servants will get dues and salaries as per law and any violation would have legal ramifications.

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