President Alvi ‘out of Covid-19 Omicron version’


President Arif Alvi on Wednesday updated his well wishers to let them know he has “come out of COVID-19 Omicron version” and has tested negative.

“With the grace of Allah, Al Rahman Al Raheem and Al Shafee, and with your prayers, which I believe always have an effect, I have come out of Covid-19 Omicron version, and have tested negative. Al Hamdulillah,” he wrote on Twitter.

The president had announced he has tested positive for Covid-19 on January 6.

In a post on Twitter at the time, the president said: “I have tested [positive] for Covid again. Had a sore throat since 4-5 days & was getting better. Felt mildly feverish for a few hours two nights ago. No other symptoms.”

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