Presidency goes green



IN what could be called a unique distinction, our presidency has been converted to solar energy which will not only help significantly cut its expenditure currently being spent on energy but this will also serve as a role model for other public sector departments to adopt the same model in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The credit of this mega initiative goes to no other than President Arif Alvi who after assuming the office back in 2018, envisioned a Green Presidency Initiative to curtail President’s Secretariat energy usage and shift it to renewable energy source.

Addressing a ceremony, President Arif Alvi said the presidency’s initiative should also be replicated across the country.

Indeed it is the need of the hour. Already our parliament got the distinction of being the first legislature to shift to solar energy with the cooperation of Chinese friends.

Given the soaring prices of electricity, it has become imperative the government also pays attention towards converting the public sector organizations to renewable energy.

This will not only significantly reduce their expenditure but also ensure uninterrupted supply of power.

There is immense potential of renewable energy in our country including that of wind, biomass etc and by tapping it we can significantly reduce our import bill currently being spent on the import of petroleum products.

Last year, the government had unveiled its renewable energy policy setting the target of increasing its share in the total power supply to twenty percent by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030 from about five percent at present.

Often policies are framed in our country but unfortunately they are never implemented in letter and spirit.

However, if the government is really interested to address the chronic issues in the energy sector including that of circular debt, the targets set in the policy must be achieved at all costs.

Incentives should be given to the foreign investors to invest in building necessary renewable energy infrastructure including that of solar panels in the country.

China is dominating the solar energy and we can seek their cooperation to transform our energy landscape.

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