Preparing NIU students to serve community: VC


Students of Nur International University Lahore visited Nur Community Outreach Program Nain Sukh project and Malik Pur project under the leadership of NIU faculty and team members. It was an educational tour and based on the positive learning and exposure of the NIU students.

Prof. Dr. Najma Najam (Pro Vice Chancellor-NIU) said that it is a very positive field activity and at NIU we always encourage impact oriented activities. We are preparing our NIU students to serve the community through integrated student leadership program in most useful way. It is a very vast project of Nur Community Outreach Program under Nur Foundation and its scope is too wide and bright for uplifting the society. Our students saw technical and vocational opportunities/services for females in the community. It will enhance empathy, sympathy and civic responsibility in the students.

Shazia Iqbal (Program Director, Nur Community Outreach Program) expressed her views by saying that we are offering health care, education, vocational training and loans to the people.

The basic purpose is to help the people and strengthen them financially.

This activity is conducted with a mission to train NIU students and make them learn and share their stories with our students. We have put all efforts for this demonstration and our team arranged different stalls here. NIU students interacted with Nur Outreach Program team members and learnt from this diverse field trip.

NIU faculty and team members appreciated the cause and Nur Community Outreach program. The event was headed by Maliha Sami, Dr. Bilal Umar, Abubakar Imran, Ms. Kinza Gull and Ms. Amna Ayaz.


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